It was a busy summer for our clients with mergers, campaign launches, new ventures and inspiring talks – September was no exception. Check out the latest stories and accomplishments from a few of our incredible thought leaders.


Credit: NEXT Conference

  • MediaMonks on Adweek

    Are Whale Noises the Secret to Business Success? This Guy With a Man Bun Says Yes

    MediaMonks created a campaign for FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary that helps execs at small business and non-tech companies create their own custom apps without needing to code. The campaign features none other than a guy with a man bun, who uses FileMaker to share his ideas with colleagues by communicating with whale noises – just one of his trendy techniques.

Credit: Dunkin’

  • Critical Mass on Adweek

    Instagram Users are Disappointed with IGTV: Now What?

    While the feedback on Instagram’s IGTV has been less than favorable, the social networking powerhouse has a very good track record of successfully launching new features by emulating what has worked for other platforms – think Instagram stories (essentially Snapchat!). Social strategist for Critical Mass, Calvin Walker, explained his take on the power of video and how IGTV can still become a game-changer for brands.

                                                                                  Credit: Critical Mass

  • Iris Amsterdam on Marketing Tribune

    Why pay more? The forgotten P in marketing

    Iris Amsterdam’s managing director Paul Greenep discussed Iris’ pricing solutions research, which shows that every price change affects profit. While some marketing initiatives need weeks, months or even years to bring about change, prices can have an impact on companies today.

Credit: Iris Amsterdam

Credit: JKR Singapore