Europe’s foremost co-creation and innovation platform has come to an end for this year.

The annual event, called ‘the world’s most diverse innovation festival’ by Contagious Magazine, was sold out for two days in a row and attracted journalists from all around the world.


FinchFactor held court in the Press Room and mostly experienced the festival through the eyes and pens of the journalists. We did manage to escape and experience first hand some of the festival, though, by sneaking out on Monday evening for a boat trip through the ‘Venice of the North’, hosted by Amsterdam Marketing.

Back at the EYE Film Institute Daan Roosegaarde launched his stunning art project, Crystals. At dusk, everyone attending was served a glass of champagne with a specially designed ‘crystal’ at the bottom. As darkness fell, the crystals became luminous and connected with each other. Daan invited everyone to play along with the glowing stones.


At it’s end, PICNIC attendees had one shared concern – there were too many provocative and inspirational speakers, workshops and exhibitions to see everything. So check out Fast Company,  Hans de Zwart, and the European Centre for Journalism for a few stories on what you may have missed.

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